Wireless SoundBuds V2



Exō SoundBuds V2 allow you to move effortlessly throughout the gym without the restriction of a wire connected to your phone slowing you down. Noise Canceling, Light Weight and Sweat Proof makes working out just that more enjoyable. SoundBuds ON World OFF "Empty your mind, be formless..Shapeless like water. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend" -Bruce Lee


  • Bluetooth® Specification: Version 4.1+EDR,
  • Hands Free Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Supported Files: HSP, HSF, AD2DP, AVRCP,
  • Frequency: 2402Mhz - 2480Mhz
  • Charging Interface: Point-Contact
  • Ear Bud Size: 26mm x 16mm x 19mm (Net Weight 4.0 g)
  • Standby Time: Apron. 40 Hours
  • Call Time / Play Time: Aprox 2 Hours
  • Charging Case Size: 67mm x 54mm x 32mm (Net Weight 45g)
  • FCC Certified and Patent Pending


    • 1. POWER ON / OFF by holding both button at the same time for 6 seconds or until red and blue light flashes. (a voice will prompt Left channel connected, Right channel connected.)
    • After the connection is successful, the main and secondary headset will flashes blue every 5 seconds.
    • 2. Connected to your cellphone, Laptop or tablet: Turn ON / Open the device list and locate "SoundBuds V2" and click connection.
    • 3. Other functions: Answer the phone: When having an incoming call, press the button that with the voice prompt, to Hang up press the same button.
    • Skip track: when playing music, double click button on the right SoundBud
    • Pause / Play: when playing music, press one either button one time.

    Operation exception Handling Methods

    1. Due to improper or long time shield the headset signal, Cause the headset to have no sound, please try to suspend music for 5 seconds. then playback can be returned to normal.

    2. the unknown cause of the fault, please turn off the headset and then restart.

    3. When outdoors, send the cell phone in the front pocket for the best signal.

    Headset Charging: place the headsets in the charging box, press the silver power button, Close the box lid, headset charging status is red, will turn blue once completed charging.

    OTG cable to connect the USB cable to charge a phone or small device


    • 2 Bluetooth Sound Buds
    • 2000 man Charging Dock Case
    • Micro USB Cable
    • 4 silicone ear sizes.
    • DO NOT Charge Exō with more than Standard  5V / 1 Amp.
    • Speed charging blocks that exceed 5V / 1 Amp are not approved to charge Exō and can damage the Lithium Polymer Battery.


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