About Us

Headphones are an essential part of our everyday lives.  We are all passionate for music, working out and traveling, Beats® are the best product in the market to enhance those experiences. Every aspect of the Beats® is phenomenal:  the shape, size and sound. However in a wireless world why is there still a wire attached? Much to our annoyance, it consistently gets caught up and unplugged while enjoying our experiences. Yes they do make a wireless Beats® but the cost of it is out of price range for many of us. Exō Audio Adapter was created by Atticus Daravong as a solution to the wired Beat Studio & Solo 2® headphones. After a full year of research and design, We are proud to introduce Exō Audio Adapter. The Wireless Adapter allows you to plug directly into a pair of wired Beats Studio and Solo 2®, converting them into a Wireless Headphone. 

This product is just the start of several other ideas to come. Our mission in EXŌ Audio is to create innovative products that will enhance music experiences, Music without  Limitation of Wires.